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Thankful in an Unthankful World

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Because of the generosity off many at GGCF, the church was able to donate a sum of money to a Children of Grace orphanage in a Ugandan village run by Pastor Daniel. They were able to buy new mattresses and tables for the children. This picture shows the kids standing in rows with their new mattresses. See MoreSee Less

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How to Make Failure a Stepping Stone

Many try to get sanctified before they get justified. The problem with a religious frame of reference is that we feel we must make ourselves presentable to God before He will accept us.


How to Make the Impossible Possible

What went through the widow’s mind when Elijah spoke to her? “Here I’m ready to eat my last piece of bread with my son and along comes this Man of God asking me to feed him first. Earth to Elijah, what part of “a hand full of flour” don’t you understand?”


Church is Home

When you listen to preachers on the radio and television you are
often hearing good teaching, but don’t elevate the teaching or the preacher above the pastor who is caring for your soul…



This is what Jesus did when He came here. He looked for us in our heap of trash and found us.